2 Jennifer – The Audition Ends When You’re Dead | VOD August 19

Hunter Johnson’s hair-raising patchwork of chills and thrills, 2 Jennifer premieres on VOD August 19 from Sector 5 Films.

Spencer, an aspiring filmmaker, recruits his old high school friend Mack to help him produce the sequel to James Cullen Bressack’s “To Jennifer.” They meet in Los Angeles to plan their production, and most importantly to find the perfect actress to play the title role. After a grueling audition process, they cast the beautiful and innocent Jennifer Todd. It’s then that Spencer’s mental state rapidly deteriorates, and his hidden motivations come to light. Jennifer and Mack realize that the film they were hired to make is all too real, and that Spencer is hell bent on finishing it, no matter who he has to brutally kill in the process…

Written and directed by Hunter Johnson and Executive Produced by To Jennifer’s James Cullen Bressack, 2 Jennifer stars Karianne Davis, Erin Marie Hogan, Erin Killean and Felissa Rose.

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