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The Final Project
There are some places the living should never go

The Final Project Synopsis:

For six college students, it’s the ultimate graduation project: A documentary about one of the most notorious haunted sites in the Southern United States. Lafitte Plantation is a Civil War landmark with a dark past steeped in American history. All over Vacherie, Louisiana, locals whisper about the legend of Lafitte, telling terrifying stories of dead soldiers, murdered families, and restless shadows roaming its abandoned corridors. No one has occupied Lafitte in years. No one will stay after dark. No one has dared to uncover its secrets… until now.

The Final Project Movie Trailer:


Anna Davenport – Teal Haddock
Genevieve Ri’chard – Arin Jones
Jonah Girard – Leonardo Santaiti
Ky Brooks – Evan McLean
Gavin Charles – Sergio Suave
Misty Gilroy – Amber Erwin
Professor McCarley – Robert McCarley

Movie Review:

Anyone who reads my reviews, not i’m not the best writer or the fact I don’t add many details and everything is quick and to the point. With this movie I can’t even really give a quick review. This movie actually put me to sleep. I made it through about the first 15 minutes, and then slept for the rest of the movie besides about the last time minutes.

But from what I saw, it’s your typical haunted ghost movie. A bunch of teens, one of them gets possessed etc etc. So, unless you have nothing else better to do, I wouldn’t waste my time with this movie.

Movie Rating: 1 out of 5

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