Ghost hunters say the Marsh House is haunted


Marsh House

Ghost hunters returned to the Marsh House in LaFayette Monday night to reveal information on the latest investigation on the historic residence, and have concluded the house is indeed haunted.

“It’s our opinion that the Marsh House is in fact haunted,” said Rick Howard, lead investigator with Ghosts and History of Southeastern Tennessee Inc., or GHOST.

Around 50 people attended the reveal.

GHOST re-investigated the Marsh House in April and picked up four new electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, three of which were responses to questions the investigators asked. EVPs are audio voice recordings that cannot be heard by the human ear.

The GHOST team collected several personal accounts during the investigation, which included some physical contact.

Several hours of audio and video were collected during the investigation. A photo was taken during the investigation that had an unusual figure at one of the doors of the Marsh House and as one child said, appeared to be a Civil War soldier.

The four audio recordings included “It’s my bed” when an investigator asked whose bed it was. Another recording could clearly be heard as someone saying “in the chair.”

The third recording was taken after an investigator asked, “Do you appreciate Ms. Jennifer (an attendee at the investigation, who cleans the Marsh House regularly) coming and cleaning your house?”

The EVP audio recorded a faint “yes.”

The fourth EVP audio recording was made in the nursery and was an unsolicited response of an infant crying.

All four recordings, six previous recordings from the original investigation last September, personal accounts and the photo led the GHOST team to classify the house as haunted.

The Marsh House is just the fifth out of about 50 GHOST investigations to be classified as haunted.

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