Nintendo DSi, To Be Used as Ghost Hunting Equipment?


DSI Ghosts

Sweden-based development studio A Different Game has apparently been watching too many Ghost Hunters episodes. I thought everyone knew that show was fake by now. They pull the same scams every week. Anyway, looks like the company is preparing Ghostwire, which is a game that uses your Nintendo DSi to hunt down spirits in real life.

No, I’m serious. You too can be a ghostbuster using the Nintendo DSi’s camera, microphone, and touch-screen. The idea is that players will locate ghosts in real-world places and figure out what those ghosts need to be at peace.

Which is most likely just you leaving them alone. We don’t have a price or release date yet. Probably comes with a preloaded EVP that sounds a lot like, “You are a sucker”.

Author: psychosylum

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