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Synopsis Haunting on Gabriel Street:

Rockford Illinois. Local boy, Logan Lewis, is reported dead along with 41 others at a house in Los Angeles, CA. The government releases a statement blaming a undiscovered uranium mine nearby. The bodies, over-exposed to radiation, have been confiscated. The house ruined and destroyed. Shaken by her brother’s death, Devan seeks answers. She recruits her childhood friend, Nate, to come with her to California and make peace with Logan’s death. Nate, caught up in the conspiracy, brings along his friend Brandon to document it all on video. But what they find is unlike anything they ever expected, for not everyone in the house that night is dead… ‘The Sigil’ is a feature-length supernatural horror that weaves sweeping cinematic story-telling with the intense, raw feeling of first-person narrative.

Haunting on Gabriel Street Movie Trailer:

Haunting on Gabriel Street Cast:

Matthew Black – Matt
Brian Burke – Friend
Brandon Cano-Errecart – Brandon
Brittney Daylee – Brittney
Leslie Josette – Jogger
Devan Liljedahl – Devan Lewis
Macklen Makhloghi – Student
Miki Matteson – Miki
Steve McLaughlin – Cousin
Nathan Dean Snyder – Nate

Movie Review:

I had high hopes for this flick after watching the trailer, but in the end it kind of fell flat. I thought it was a found footage flick, cause that’s how it was kind of advertised, but it was kind of a hybrid of it. Half found footage and half not….

One of the things that bugged me the most was how they kept saying 42 people died in the house on Gabriel Street, but when Devan was looking at a newspaper article it showed 43 died..So what was it? 42 or 43? We may never know.

Don’t have much of a review for this movie, but I will say the ending sucked, and not in a good way.

Movie Rating: 1 out of 5


Haunting on Gabriel Street Movie Stills:

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