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The Bay Synopsis:

The residents of a seaside Maryland community become the unfortunate hosts of mutant, waterborne parasites that take control of their minds and bodies.

The Bay Movie Trailer:

The Bay Cast:

Kether Donohue as Donna Thompson
Kristen Connolly as Stephanie
Will Rogers as Alex
Stephen Kunken as Dr. Jack Abrams
Robert Treveiler as Dr. Williams
Nansi Aluka as Jaqueline
Christopher Denham as Sam
Frank Deal as Mayor John Stockman
Michael Beasley as Deputy Jimson
Jody Thompson as Deputy Paul
Andrew Stahl as Sheriff Lee Roberts
Jane McNeill as Victim #1
Directed: Barry Levinson
Screenplay: Michael Wallach
Story by: Barry Levinson and Michael Wallach

Movie Review:

I was hoping for a little bit more of a scare factor to this film, but there really wasn’t. Reading the synopsis about parasites taking people over I figured there would be a lot more chaos, but nope. More or less this movie is about people getting sick and then dying. So if you have nothing else to watch, and you have Amazon Prime, watch it. Cause its free.

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5


The Bay Movie Stills:

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