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Home Movie Synopsis:

In the remote woods of Upstate New York, David and Clare Poe are attempting to live an idyllic life. However, their twin children’s bizarre behavior might just tear the family apart.

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Adrian Pasdar – David Poe
Cady McClain – Clare Poe
Amber Joy Williams – Emily Poe
Austin Williams – Jack Poe
Lucian Maisel – Christian McNamara

Director & Writer: Christopher Denham

Movie Review:

This movie had it’s moments, not a lot of them, but a few…

The movie centers around a family of four. A husband and wife and ten year old twins. From what you can gather the family picked up everything a moved to the middle of nowhere from the city. Your somewhat led to believe they moved to the country for their kids. Their two kids Jack & Emily seem to have many problems, from not listening to mutilating small animals, including the family cat.

From the outside they seems to have the perfect marriage and family, but on the inside it’s pure hell. Will David and Clare survive their kids demented behavior.

I’m not really sure if I would suggest this movie or not. There are parts that are somewhat entertaining, but there’s a lot more that isn’t. And there was one to many plot holes that were left wide open. Mainly who is the old man in the closet, and what thumped the camera during Thanksgiving Dinner.

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5


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