Paranormal Demons (2018)


An international group of film students finds a disturbing video clip on the dark web which seems to contain poltergeist phenomena. Agreed that it’s just what they need for their latest documentary project the group travels to the sanatorium shown in the video clip. Once there, they rig up their camera equipment and start to explore the possible ghost activities – until the true horror begins.

Movie Trailer:

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


Tonight’s movie for movie night is Paranormal Demons. It’s your run of the mill found footage movie. Nothing really about it stood out as unique but it was still entertaining none the less.

For me personally even a bad found footage movie is a good movie, I just love the sub-genre.

This movie starts off with a college student out to prove that most of the paranormal related youtube videos on the internet are nothing but fakes for her final project for school. She gets a hold of footage of two paranormal investigators being killed on camera and decides to go to that location with a bunch of classmates/friends to prove it was nothing but a big hoax.

Will she prove it was all a hoax or is she putting her friends in danger? Your going to have to watch it to find out. And if you have Amazon Prime you have no reason not to.

Cast and Crew:

David Brückner – Dave
Kristina Kostiv – Mrs. White
Moloch Moloch – Golem
Ildiko Preszly – Julia
Sebastian Matthias Weißbach – Michael
Olivia Dean – Mary Sheffield

Director: David Brückner
Writer: David Brückner

Movie Stills:

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