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Stranded (TV series)

Real People. Investigating Real Haunted Locations. Five Days. No Camera Crew. They. Are. Stranded.

There have been so many good paranormal related shows on TV in the past ten years or more, but it seems like the ones I really get into are gone before you know it. This one just happened to be one of my favorites and I was always hoping one day maybe I would get a chance to be on it with my wife.

Stranded debuted on February 27, 2013 and aired on the SyFy network. It was hosted by Josh Gates and produced by Jason Blum, Casey Brumels, Brad Kuhlman and Josh Gates.

Josh Gates created the show as a psychological and paranormal experiment.

Each episode features a three person group made up of paranormal believers and skeptics. There are no crew members just the group filming with their hand held cameras and dozens of fixed cameras.
The spend five days in a haunted location in North America.

Stranded – Episodes / Locations

1. Star Island, Isles of Shoals, (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), USA (February 27, 2013)

An ex-couple and their friend spend five days inside the historic and reportedly haunted, 200-room, Oceanic Hotel on the remote Star Island, which is 10-miles off the coast of New Hampshire.

2. Seaview Terrace, Newport, Rhode Island, USA (March 6, 2013)

Three friends from Brooklyn spend five days inside the 40,000 square foot gothic seaside mansion, Seaview Terrace (a.k.a. Carey Mansion).

3. West Virginia State Penitentiary, Moundsville, West Virginia, USA (March 13, 2013)

Three family members spend five days behind the walls of the abandoned West Virginia State Penitentiary, (also known as Moundsville State Penitentiary), a prison that was home to nearly 1,000 documented deaths and executions.

4. Burn Brae Manor, Glen Spey, New York, USA (March 20, 2013)

A team is stranded at the Burn Brae Manor, a bed-and-breakfast with a history of tragedies, set far back into the woods in Glen Spey, New York.

5. Three Valley Chateau, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada (March 27, 2013)

A couple and their friend spend five days inside the 50,000 sq. ft., Three Valley Chateau, a reportedly haunted hotel in the snowy mountains 12 miles outside the old gold rush ghost town of Revelstoke, British Columbia.

6. Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Yorktown, Texas, USA (April 3, 2013)

Three individuals spend five days in an abandoned and allegedly haunted Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, Texas. During their stay, they try to connect with a deceased family member who died at a young age.

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