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7 Nights of Darkness

Synopsis: 7 Nights of Darkness

On April 30, 2010, six reality television show contestants spent seven nights in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The show never aired but an editor for the network was able to piece together some footage. The prize for staying all seven nights was a share of one million dollars that was to be split amongst any contestants that didn’t leave. No prize money was ever awarded.

Initial release: November 1, 2011
Director: Allen Kellogg

Review: 7 Nights of Darkness

The actual plot of the movie was pretty good, kind of in the nature of House on Haunted Hill. The acting on the other end? That could have been a little better.

In the beginning of the film I found the character of Lina to be a bit obnoxious when it came to the whole ghost hunting thing and the hopes of seeing a spirit. And on the exact opposite of the wanting to see something the character of Carter I don’t think even wanted to see his own shadow, let alone a spirit.

So if you can get past the first couple of scenes the acting actually seems like it gets a little better.

So the plot behind the movie is that 6 contestants have to spend a week in a Haunted Asylum, and each day they have to open an envelope with the days task. For everyone that decides to leave, their percentage of the million dollar prize gets evenly spread throughout the remaining contestants.

Some of the things that really bothered me regarding this film is the lack of night vision. I mean come on now, the contestants are ghost hunting and they are not provided with decent video cameras equipped with infrared night vision? And also the lack of any good ghost hunting equipment for that fact. Between the six of them, they had three cameras and an EMF meter.

Do all six contestants make it through the week? Do known of them make it? Guess you’ll have to watch, even though I’m pretty sure you can figure out from the get go how many make it.

Rating: 7 Nights of Darkness

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