Summer Lake Massacre (2018)


Time to break out the canoes and camp fires because the summer season at the lake begins now. What could go wrong? Some cute girls, some cool guys… an escape convict from a federal prison with a thirst for blood. They forgot to mention that in the ad.


Ralph Long
Andy Sam Dimas
Brianna Blair
Rocco Reed
Alexis Ford
Britney Amber

Director: Andre Madness

Movie Trailer:

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5


I didn’t realize this till after I watched it that this version of the movie is actually an edited version of a porn flick. I can see it now, there was some unusual edits and I wondered why the movie was only 47 minutes long.

For what it is though I guess it wasn’t to bad. I have seen much better but also much worse. So I guess anyone that wants to watch the regular version its called Massacre at Pine Lake. I don’t plan on it but i’m sure it’s better? Maybe…

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