Survive The Hollow Shoals (2018)

Survive The Hollow Shoals (2018)

Survive The Hollow Shoals


Zach sets out into the wildness of the Georgia Shoals to prove his survival skills for 60 days. Before too long, finding clean water and sufficient scavenged food are the least of his worries when disturbing noises and events disturb his lonely challenge.

Cast & Crew:

Brent McGhee – Zack Weiland
Herself – Brittany Baise Morrison
Herself – Ashley Mulkey

Director: Jonathon Klimek



Mini Review:

This movie was actually pretty entertaining for what it was. It kind of reminded me of the show Naked & Afraid (minus the naked) meets the Blair Witch Project. The movie is about Zach who decides to try and survive in the wilderness for 60 days on his own. Everything is going well for himself at first and days into he is either slowly losing his mind or he is being haunted by whatever lives in the Shoals of Georgia. Will Zach make it the 60 days? Will he tap out? Or worse?

If you have Amazon Prime you should really check this flick out.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


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