Swamp Zombies!!! (2005)


A mad doctor at a large metropolitan hospital has invented a serum to raise the dead. When a surprise inspector visits the hospital, he must hastily dispose of his test subjects in the local swampland. After storm, his creations rise and these flesh-eating zombies wreck havoc on a group of college students. A hermit, karate-chopping ranger, and bikini clad female try to stop these flesh eaters!

Movie Trailer:


Brian Heffron – The Hermit
Jasmin St. Claire – Lillian Carter
Pamela Sutch – Monica
Dan Severn – Police Captain
Shannon Solo – Dr. Phillips
Len Kabasinski – Jack
Todd Humes – FBI Hitman #1
Byron Marsh – FBI Hitman #2
Monica Picirillo – Anna
Kevin DuMond – Agent Schiller
Terrence Smith – Professor Wiley
Amanda Tech – Judy
Sarah Presogna – Jesse
Jen Switzer – Lisa
Chad Cozzens – Rick

Director: Len Kabasinski
Writer: Len Kabasinski

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5


It was once my goal to watch every zombie movie ever made but I kind of realize there was no way that would ever happen. There are just way to many. But I will say, I will watch any zombie flick or show regardless of how cheap it is.

I was surprised with this one. Yes, it’s b-rated and you can tell it was cheaply done it was still rather entertaining. No one is going to win an award for their acting or anything but by the end of the movie I didn’t feel like I wasted my time.

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