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Killer Sofa (2019)

From filmmaker Bernardo Rao, comes the most ridiculously entertaining horror jaunt of the year, Killer Sofa on DVD and Digital from High Octane Pictures. Synopsis: Francesca always…

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Clownado (2019)

Bunker down for Todd Sheets’ twisted new horror film, featuring genre icons Linnea Quigley and Eileen Deitz, on VOD September 3 and DVD September 17…

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Summer Lake Massacre (2018)

Synopsis: Time to break out the canoes and camp fires because the summer season at the lake begins now. What could go wrong? Some cute…

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Abnormal Activity 3 (2011)

Synopsis: Just when we thought the demonic parodies were over, the sister of the girl from the first movie discovers the demons may have returned!…

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Amityville: Mt. Misery Rd. (2018)

Synopsis: Charlie and his girlfriend Buzi are ghosts’ enthusiasts fascinated by the legend of the oldest and scariest road in America – Mt. Misery Road…

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Hellmington (2018)

Synopsis: In 1999, outside the sleepy town of Hellmington, troubled high school senior Katie Owens mysteriously vanished. Nine years later, Detective Samantha Woodhouse, a former classmate of Katie’s,…

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Investigation 13 (2019)

Synopsis: A group of science students have discovered how to scientifically explain the paranormal. Their goal is to present their findings to their school board…

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The Pining (2019)

Synopsis: When members of Joe’s (Diogo Hausen) therapy group start dying under mysterious circumstances, Detective Harris (Jackie Dallas) is forced to reopen a cold case….

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