Tag: Horror

Movie Poster – The Child’s Eye 3D

Synopsis: In Bangkok, six young people on vacation find themselves stranded at an airport due to a riot. A driver takes them to the Chung…

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Movie Poster – Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Synopsis: Brandon Routh stars as reluctant paranormal investigator Dylan Dog, who finds himself in a “turf war” between and among the undead, and Sam Huntington…

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Trailer – Outcast

Synopsis: “The tale of two lovers, Petronella and Fergal, whose home town is being terrorised by a monstrous beast which is killing off the locals…

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Trailer – Awakened

Synopsis: “On the outskirts of a small mountain community, retired farmer Hank Taylor decides to pull down an old dead tree that sits on the…

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Movie Poster & Trailer – Ninja Zombies

Synopsis: Dameon, a young landlord with no real job or responsibilities, begins having nightmares — flashes from the life of a samurai, and a sword…

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Trailer – MindFlesh

Synopsis: “A British pscho-sexual horror thriller about a taxi driver who has to face a childhood trauma before his friends are killed by extraterrestrials.”

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Trailer – The Taint (NSFW)

Synopsis: “The Taint is an intellectual experience. It is a violent and misogynistic film about violence, misogyny, and entertainment. It will poison the minds of…

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Trailer – Beware

Synopsis: “The town of Shady Grove, Florida holds many dark secrets. Amongst those secrets is the sadistic tale of a boy chained to a tree….

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