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Rohl Farms Haunting

Synopsis: Rohl Farms Haunting

Two childhood friends, 21 years old, who are trying to create a documentary in Wisconsin, struggle to keep their friendship intact after a string of seemingly paranormal events lead to the staggering conclusion that a group of three strangers are behind the activity. Their quest to discover and convict the culprits via evidence captured on camera becomes the new focus on the documentary, resulting in a cinematic endeavor that could prove to be their last. With real locations, real people, and real relationships, this is the realest found footage film you will ever experience.

Review: Rohl Farms Haunting

This movie was actually not half bad, but there was a lot of things about it that made no sense at all.

First of all two of the characters are supposed to be executive producers on the movie they are making through out the film, but never once are they there to help. And the one character was forced to be there, and he stayed a whole 20 minutes. And also the main characters girlfriend is out of town, but oddly enough she never comes back anytime during the movie.

Secondly the killers of the film, there is no rhyme or reason for them. What is their purpose, where did they come from, why are they after the main characters. They could of explained it a little bit, or gave us sometime of hint. And what was the purpose of everything happening every night at 11:55pm? The filmmakers left a lot on the table. I enjoy a good movie that leaves you thinking after it’s over, but not the things I was left thinking.

Regardless I was entertained, even with the lack of a lot of explanation and a lot of empty plot points.

Rating: Rohl Farms Haunting

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