Found Footage

Chupacabra Territory (2016) | Dare to Enter

Chupacabra Territory (2016) Synopsis: The Chupacabra is real and four friends will document it! Will they survive? Cast & Crew: Sarah Nicklin – AmberMichael Reed – JoeAlex Hayek – MorganBryant Jansen – DaveElliot Book – The RangerDonnie Brinker – BobbyMegan Hensley – AllyPierre Kennel – AndrewJulianne Tura – TiffMike Wood

Darkness Reigns (2018) | Be careful what you wish for…

Darkness Reigns (2018) Synopsis: A group of filmmakers shooting a behind-the-scenes documentary in a reportedly haunted hotel are faced with an unfathomable demonic force that possesses and attacks both the crew and the film’s star, Casper Van Dien. Will the film’s director be able to escape with the paranormal proof

Cain Hill (2017) | They Should Have Stayed Away

Cain Hill (2017) Synopsis: A group of documentary filmmakers are filming a TV special about the events which occurred at the famous and mysterious abandoned Cain Hill asylum many years earlier, and the unexplained abductions and murders that have occurred at the site since then. The group soon learn that

Live (2018) | You never know who is watching.

Live (2018) Synopsis: A woman is abducted while live streaming on Facebook. A private detective, hired to find her, uncovers the horrors of the dark web. Cast & Crew: Kellie Greene – Linda JohnsonEric Aragon – Live StreamerAlexandria Baum – HerselfGreg Duncan – Police OfficerKelli Dawn Hancock – CoronerDavid Joseph