Factory of Paranormal (2017)

Factory of Paranormal


Carrie, an avid believer of the paranormal, decides she wants to go on her own paranormal investigation. She convinces her friend Vanessa to go along for the adventure. Vanessa doesn’t believe in anything paranormal and only wants to prove Carrie wrong. They locate an abandoned factory that is said to be haunted. Carrie and Vanessa then set out to investigate this Factory of Paranormal.

Cast & Crew:

Jeff Profitt – Kyle
Lauren Reinas – Vanessa
Lindsay Mason – Carrie

Director: Jeff Profitt Writer: Jeff Profitt



Movie Rating: 2 out of 5


Mini Review:

Sorry, it’s been a while since I have posted anything but this site is just a hobby and life kind of gets in the way.

What can I say about this movie, thank goodness it was free with Amazon Prime. I will say the acting was really good but that’s about it. The story really makes no sense and all the flashbacks ruined the movie. There had to have been about 30 minutes if not more of the same footage repeated. And at a snap of a finger, it goes from them wanting to catch something paranormal in the factory to a huge government conspiracy inside the factory. Good try on the movie though, still a lot better than I could have done.

Factory of Paranormal Stills:

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