Party Day Massacre Stories (2018)


Two young wild girls decide to throw on a party and invite all their male friends over. After partying and having a good time the two girls and all their friends decide to tell five crazy slasher stories that is just too crazy to be true. After they’re done telling there story this party ends up turning into a party day massacre.

Movie Trailer:

Cast and Crew:

Demetrius Anesin – Meech and Bill
Nadia Bazmore – Shay
Jessica Bohrer – Ashley
Clark Cash – Josh
Tyshawn Cash – Bobby
Kristie Conner – Jill
Jamie Gareis – Kelly
Bella Ink – Mallory the reply girl
Clarence Nesbit – CJ and Dave
Heather Pritschau – Anna The Vampire
Suave Ricardo – B Rich
Sarah Russi – Brittany
Kerri Taylor – Babe
Dorian Williams – Smurf

Director: Ox Johnson
Writer: Ox Johnson

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5


I would have probably gave this movie a little bit of a higher rating if the acting would have been taken a little bit more serious. Not sure really what they were going for by having some of the actors talk the way they did. They were almost talking in baby voices. If they would have just straight up spoke normal this would have been slightly more enjoyable than it was. Seems like all they were aiming for was TandA.

So if you don’t care much about how well someone acts or the over all story line and just want to see a bunch of half naked chicks running around this movie is for you.

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