The Wraith (1986)

An evil force took his life… Now an unearthly power has brought him back.


After a young man is murdered by a road-racing gang of motor-heads, a mysterious fast-driving spirit descends from the sky to take revenge.

Movie Trailer:

Cast and Crew:

Charlie Sheen – Jake Kesey / The Wraith
Nick Cassavetes – Packard Walsh
Sherilyn Fenn – Keri Johnson
Randy Quaid – Sheriff Loomis
Matthew Barry – Billy Hankins
David Sherrill – Skank
Jamie Bozian – Gutterboy
Clint Howard – Rughead
Griffin O’Neal – Oggie

Director: Mike Marvin
Writer: Mike Marvin

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5


This is one of those movies I can remember watching over and over as a kid. Every time it came on TV I would make sure to watch it. So I recently saw that it was added to Amazon Prime and I wanted to see if it stood up to the test of time. I my humble opinion it does. Still enjoyed it as much as I did as a kid. So if you have Amazon Prime you should check this one out.

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