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All Hallows Eve: October 30th

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A schizophrenic filmmaker, traumatized since childhood by the murder of his mother, writes and plots a retelling of his past staring a naive teenage girl and her friends while a creepy old man haunts them in the woods.

Cast & Crew

Director: Ryan Byrne
Screenplay: Ryan Byrne
Music composed by: Aaron Alessandrini
Producer: Ryan Byrne
Cast: Ryan Byrne, Ariella Arbus, Dylan Cook, Marie-Josee Dionne

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To be 100% honest with you, this movie isn’t even really worth a review. It is one of the worst horror films I have seen in a long time. And I actually thought I was getting ready to watch All Hallows’ Eve, not All Hallows Eve. What a difference an apostrophe can make. We always youtube every movie before we watch it so we can watch the trailer. Well, we watched the trailer for All Hallows’ Eve and thought that was what we were watching. So wrong we were…

This movie was all over the place, characters didn’t make sense, things they said didn’t make sense, this movie just didn’t make any sense. I know my reviews aren’t that great to begin with, but this one I am not even going to try….


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