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It seemed perfect – a new marriage, a new house, and a child on the way. But when Sarah and Matt invite their friends to celebrate, an innocent ghost hunt turns deadly as they explore the remains of a burned-out prison. The ill-fated group encounters horrors of this world and beyond. No one is safe – not even the unborn.

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Chelsey Crisp – Sarah
Riley Smith – Eric
Michael Steger – Matt
Lyndon Smith – Skye
Brittany Ishibashi – Bree
Elimu Nelson – Dave
David Yow – Deputy Wilson

Movie Review:

What to say about this film?

First off, usually you find actors to be almost the same character no matter what they are in, they tend to get type casted. I will say Chelsey Crisp did very well in this movie and was so far different from her character on “Fresh off the boat”.

Bleed started on seeming like it was going to be a very pleasing film. The film started with a little girl walking into a run down general store and accusing the store owner of being a murderer. She ran out of the store with the store owners son I believe following her, not till almost all the way through the movie do we find out what her outcome was.

Then the movie picks up with the lead character Sarah on the way to her new house, but she is stopped cause of a flat tire. The local sheriff deputy stops and helps out, but begins to act strangely when he notices a birthmark on her neck, the same birthmark the little girl in the beginning of the film had on her inner wrist.

Sarah finally manages to get home were her and her husband are having guests over for a little get together. The her hippie brother and his girlfriend show up out of the blue and crash the party. During their meal they start talking about Sarah and his past and their supernatural experiences growing up and how it changed them. This freaks out Sarah because she hasn’t told her husband about any of these things. Then Dave starts to talk about a local story and a burnt down prison, and everyone decides to go investigate it for ghosts, Matt the husband only wants to go to disprove the whole ghost thing to the brother Eric.

To find out what happens at the prison your just going to have to watch. The reason for only giving this film 2 1/2 out of 5, is the fact it left way to many unanswered questions and did a poor job of explaining a lot of things.

Movie Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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